KUMITE (Koo-me-teh) Sparring Terms

Aiuchi (a-ee-oo-chee) - "Simultaneous Scoring Technique." No point awarded to either contestant. Referee brings fists together in front of the chest.

Aka (ah-kah) - Red

Aka (or Shiro) Ippon (ee-pohn) - one full point.  "Red (White) Scores Ippon." The Referee obliquely raises his arm on the side of the winner

Aka (Shiro) No Kachi -"Red (White) Wins!" The Referee obliquely raises his arm on the side of the winner.

Ashi Barai -  Foot Sweep

Ashi Waza - Name given to all leg and foot techniques

Atemi Waza - Striking techniques that are normally used in conjunction with grappling and throwing techniques.

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Geri Waza

Geri-waza or kicking techniques is the use of ones Legs and feet to defend or attack and opponent.  Often with shotkoan the first motion of kicks is to raise the knee and then execute the desired technique.  Kicks can be performed in in any direction and should be practised continually at low medium and hich level targets.  Practice routines should also encourage stationary as well as travelling kicks using both the front (Kizami) or back leg to execute the kick.  Nidan-geri

Double kicks in same technique help to teach balance and keeping the knee up while Ren-geri or Stepping in between two kicks with opposite legs help teach speed and distance both are useful for coordination.



Geri (geh-rhee)- kick.

Fumakomi (foo-mah-ko-mee)- side stomp kick.

Kansetsu Geri (can-set-sue geh-rhee)- kicks aimed at joints.

Keage (key-ah-gay)- snap.

Kekomi (key-ko-mee)- thrust.

Mae Geri (mah-eh geh-rhee)- front kick.

Mae Geri Kakato (mah-eh geh-rhee kah-kah-toe)- front kick with the heel.

Mae Geri Koshi (mah-eh geh-rhee ko-she)- front kick with the ball of the foot.

Mawashi Geri (mah-wha-she geh-rhee)- round kick with the top of the foot.

Mawashi Geri Koshi (mah-wha-she geh-rhee ko-she)- round kick with the ball of the foot.

Mikazuki Geri (mik-ah zoo-key geh-rhee)- crescent kick.

Sokuto Geri (sow-koo-too geh-rhee)- side kick with the blade or edge of the foot.

Ushiro Geri (oo-she-row geh-rhee)- back kick.

Yoko Geri (yoh-koh geh-rhee)- side kick with the heel.





Ukae-waza or blocking is the act of stopping or deflecting an opponent's attack for the purpose of preventing injurious contact with the body. A block usually consists of placing a limb across the line of the attack.

Offensive techniques can also be used to block. For example, a kick or palm strike can be used to neutralize an incoming blow. It is also common to use the knee to block leg attacks from an opponent. A knee block, however, is ineffective when dealing with side kicks and any kick in which the heel of the foot is used and may result in damage

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