karate kick faviconSochin Shotokan Karate

“The ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants”.

Gichin Funakoshi - The Twenty Precepts


The martial arts studio is ideal for locals and visitors to Sydney. Suited for professionals that work in Sydney CBD area as well as for locals who live in the city and surrounds. If you are a traveller from any part of the world and you wish to keep up your training regime this martial arts studio is located near public transport and and is situated within 5 mins walk from Town Hall Station. Sochin Shotokan are members of the Australian Karate Federation as well as World Karate Federation.

Conveniently located within 5 mins walking distance from Town Hall, Sochin Shotokan Karate provides training aimed mainly at adults between 20 and 70 years old in a safe and supportive environment. Karate brings to participants the following


• develop self confidence and respect towards other others

• promote mental strength, agility and decision making

• improve discipline and focus

• develop positive goals, attitudes and other life skills

• relieve mental and emotional stress; and

• enhance quality of lifestyle

Each class is led by a qualified Karate instructor who will go through stretching/warm up exercises, Kihon (basic movements), Kumite (sparring exercises) and Kata techniques (choreographed Karate movements). Sochin Shotokan karate has frequent classes that are delivered by a group of highly qualified and well respected instructors in the Karate community. See Time Table for more information or Contact Us