kickboxing BenS kickboxing logoMuay Lao is the traitional martial arts of Laos, it also known as lao kickboxing which incorprates punchs, kicks elbows and knee strikes.

Muay Lao was an event at the 2009 Southeast Asian Games in Vientiane and has since been reconised by the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU).

Muay lao also has an armed componet which incorprate swords (darp), this is refred to "Lin Darp" which is losely transalted as sword play. There is also a traditonal performace Demonstration which swards are incorprated ito a dance ( forn Darp).

There is no formal belt ranking system involved or grading assessments. Students can enter MMA competitions with this style.

This martial arts style is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.



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