• Sochin Shotokan
    Karate Do

    Karate is a great way. Karate is a great way to build not just muscle strength but also helps Develop Self Confidence
  • Brazilian

    Our focus at mbBJJ Jiu Jitsu is on delivering quality tuition and developing your knowledge of the legacy & defence
  • Kick

    beginners and experienced Kick Boxing. The school provides a safe and controlled environment.
  • Practical
    Self Defence

    Self Defence courses which runs for 2 hours per week over 10 weeks. Practical Self Defence will starts with Awareness
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Conveniently located within 5 mins walking distance from Town Hall, Sochin Shotokan Karate provides training for kids & adults in a safe and supportive environment. Many benefits are gained from training karate; 

• Self confidence and respect towards other 

• Mental strength, agility and decision making

• Improved discipline and focus

• Develop positive goals, attitudes and important life skills

• Relieve mental and emotional stress

• Enhanced quality of lifestyle

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